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When two married people reach a point where they can no longer sustain their relationship, divorce is often the best option. While the idea of going through a divorce can be overwhelming, a seasoned family law attorney could help move along the process and reduce the potential for conflict.

While the process of obtaining a divorce might seem simple, there are strict legal guidelines that must be complied with before a court will issue a final decree. A Bethesda divorce lawyer could ensure you meet the necessary requirements and guide you step-by-step through the process. Let us help you get through this emotional process.

What Are The Grounds for Divorce in Bethesda?

There are two different types of grounds that could result in divorce in Bethesda. These include “fault” and “no-fault” grounds for divorce. A divorce lawyer in Bethesda could advise an individual considering divorce on the grounds that apply in their case.

Fault Divorce

The primary difference between the two forms of divorces is that fault divorce requires proof that the other spouse exhibited some kind of wrongful conduct. Each of the fault grounds is different, but they generally involve allegations that resulted in the breakup of the marriage.

Adultery is one of the commonly-grounds for a fault divorce, as is cruelty or imprisonment for a crime. Desertion and insanity are other examples of grounds for an at-fault divorce. Establishing these grounds can be important, as they could play a role in the amount of alimony that is awarded by the court.

No-Fault Divorce

With a no-fault divorce, a spouse does not have to prove any specific grounds. Instead, they need only show that they have lived separately from their spouse for 12 months. Alternatively, a couple could skip the 12-month time requirement if both of them mutually consent to the divorce.

Are There Any Residency Requirements?

It is not enough to have viable grounds for divorce. In order to have the court dissolve a marriage, a person must also have legal standing to pursue a divorce case in the state. This standing comes from being a resident of the state.

To file for divorce, at least one of the spouses in a marriage must be a current resident of Maryland. How long a person must have been a resident of the state depends on the grounds for the divorce. If the divorce grounds happened within the state, it is only necessary to be a resident on the date of filing. If the divorce grounds happened outside of the state’s boundaries, at least one spouse must reside in Maryland for a minimum of six months before filing for divorce.

As long as a person meets the residency requirements—including any necessary period of separation—there are no mandatory waiting periods during the onset of the divorce case. This means that as soon as the court determines all requirements are met, the divorce is granted right away. A lawyer in Bethesda could streamline the divorce process and avoid mistakes that could delay the issuance of the divorce decree.

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Divorcing is rarely easy. The breakup of a marriage can be a complex and emotional process under the best circumstances.

A Bethesda divorce lawyer could eliminate any unnecessary conflicts and bring about a fast resolution to a divorce case. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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