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What Are Some Mistakes To Avoid in a High Asset Divorce?

High Asset Divorce in Maryland They say the person you marry is not always the same person you divorce. This is because not all divorces go smoothly. And when high assets are involved, things can become even more complicated. In this article, we’ll identify some of the most common mistakes in a high asset divorce. […]

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What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

As the name suggests, an uncontested divorce is the kind of divorce where both spouses have an agreement on matters such as division of property, alimony, and child custody, without going to trial. In other words, both parties mutually agree to divorce without a contest. This kind of divorce is usually less expensive, quicker, and […]

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What Is a High Net Worth Divorce?

Think of your favorite celebrity, a business mogul, or someone with high financial standing in society. Now think of such an individual going through a divorce. That is what is considered a high net-worth divorce. This type of divorce involves individuals with substantial assets, financial portfolios, and complex financial structures. As a result, it is […]

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What Is a Financial Statement During Divorce?

You have probably heard of terms such as alimony and child support during a divorce. But how do courts determine one spouse’s financial obligations to their child(ren) or former spouse? The answer lies in each spouse’s financial statements. A financial statement during divorce is a document that provides a detailed overview of a person’s financial […]

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What Happens to Rental Property in a Divorce in Maryland?

Rental Property and Divorce In Maryland In most cases, rental property is treated as marital property in a divorce in Maryland, making it subject to division by the court. But there are some exceptions to this rule. Rental property may not be considered marital property if: one of the spouses owns the property as an […]

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Custody and Relocation in Maryland

What are the requirements for parents who want to relocate, whether with or without a child? Must inform the Maryland court in advance of the relocation. It is common for parents that have the intention to relocate, whether for a job, or school, to be nearer to relatives, or simply because they want a change […]

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Protective Orders in Maryland- Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions about protective orders that we get asked frequently. Contact our experienced family law team to learn more about protective orders in Maryland. Can I submit the petition online? The following places are where a petitioner may submit one electronically: Program for preventing and assisting domestic violence Program for preventing and assisting sexual […]

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How To Fairly Plan a Child Custody Agreement in a Divorce

Fairly planning a child custody agreement in a divorce. For most parents, child custody is the most important part of a divorce. This article goes into detail on how courts determine child custody in Maryland and how to file an effective parenting plan. Child Custody Agreements in Maryland It’s important to understand how child custody […]

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How Do I File For A Military Divorce In Maryland?

Filing for a military divorce in Maryland? According to research, military divorce rates tend to be a bit higher than the national average. If you’re a member of the military stationed in Maryland and considering divorce, there are some things you should know about the process. First, it’s quite different from civilian marriages, so you […]

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How To Fairly Plan To Divide My Assets In A Divorce?

How to fairly plan to divide my assets in a divorce? Resolving asset division is hands down one of the most complicated aspects of divorce. The reason is simple: almost everything you and your spouse own jointly is considered an asset. That includes your home, other property, savings, retirement accounts, and debt. What’s more, the […]

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