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Can You Appeal Family Court Decisions?

Yes, you can Appeal Family Court Decisions in Maryland or any state. When a person or family is considering an appeal from a family court decision, they are likely very frustrated with an outcome at the trial court level. In order to effectively initiate a family law court appeal, there are multiple specific steps that […]

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What Are The Father’s Visitation Rights?

What Are the Father’s Visitation Rights? As a working dad, it is difficult enough to make time for your children. However, after a divorce, maintaining a relationship with your children is even more difficult. What are the Father’s Visitation Rights? A divorced dad must be intentional, especially as a non-custodial parent. The effect of a […]

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How to Divorce With Children In Maryland

Are you thinking about how to divorce with children? Alternatively, are you wanting to leave your marriage and worried about the impact divorce will have on your children? Ask yourself, how can I leave my marriage with children involved? This article will provide answers to your questions on how to leave a marriage with children. Being […]

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What Is The Child Custody Process in Maryland?

CHILD CUSTODY PROCESS In most of Maryland, the Child Custody Process, (which parent will get custody) is one of the biggest fights. Some couples facing divorce are able to discuss the issue of child custody and reach an agreement; however, most are unable to agree on all terms of child custody and will litigate the […]

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