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Child support is usually one of the most contentious issues during a divorce. If you are going through a divorce or separation and have kids with your spouse, a child support attorney from Divorce With a Plan might be able to help.

What Is Child Support?

Child support is the financial payments one parent makes to another parent to facilitate the upkeep and well-being of a child. This payment is typically made when both parents decide to part ways but have children together.

What Does a Montgomery County Child Support Attorney Do?

A child support attorney in Montgomery County can help you understand the child support process and what it entails. For example, this attorney will help you understand how, when, and where to file your petition if you are a parent seeking child support.

These attorneys can also help you understand your rights as a parent. Knowing how the law protects you in these situations and to what extent makes it possible for you to fight for your rights and obtain favorable results.

A seasoned child support attorney will evaluate your case and develop the right legal strategy. Family law cases are usually not the easiest to handle, especially without an attorney; they require careful planning and execution. For instance, although it is good to have an attorney who is prepared to fight for you in court when the need arises, not every situation requires court battles.

Some issues can be resolved through out-of-court negotiations, while others might need the court’s attention and, likely, a court battle. For this reason, you need an attorney who understands these facts and can devise legal strategies that protect your child’s best interest.

Since the child support process involves individuals who have terminated their romantic relationship (or are in the process of doing so), it is even more challenging for either party to agree on the terms of support. It is particularly difficult when dealing with an abusive or manipulative ex-spouse. Such individuals may care less about the child but more about themselves.

Having a child support attorney by your side is a constant reminder that you have nothing to fear but so much to look forward to despite your current situation. Your attorney will take over the process and act as the direct line of communication between you and your ex. As a result, you will not have to worry about the emotional stress of dealing with such an individual.

Important Child Support Laws in Maryland You Should Know

Child support laws are broad and apply differently depending on the specifics of the situation. That said, whether you are the parent seeking support or owing, here are some important Maryland child support laws to keep in mind.

You do not have to go to court to determine how much should be paid for child support and what percentage of support each parent owes the child. Rather, Maryland laws allow parents to find resolutions amongst themselves, usually during separation. The court only intervenes when both parents fail to agree on this topic.

Child support payments are usually made directly to the parent who has custody of the child(ren). This payment is not meant to support the parent receiving the money on behalf of the child being supported. Instead, it only helps cater to the child’s needs.

This payment method is actually one of the reasons parents often disagree when it comes to paying child support. This is because the paying parent might feel that the money they are paying is a form of alimony (especially if they are already paying for alimony on top of child support). However, that is not always the case – child support takes care of expenses such as the child’s rent, food, clothing, and other basic needs.

Child support orders are not final; the court has the power to revise the order whenever the need arises. For example, the paying spouse might petition the court to modify the order due to a significant change in circumstances. Some examples of these changes include losing a job or the birth of another child from a different relationship.

In Maryland, child support ends when the child reaches the age of 18, except in certain circumstances. For example, if they are still in high school on their 18th birthday, support is usually extended until they are 19.

Support also ends when a child dies or becomes emancipated.

Emancipation is a legal way for a child to become an adult before age 18. In this context (child support laws), a child might file a petition for a declaration of emancipation if they can support themselves financially and in many other aspects of life.

However, since the topic of emancipation is often subject to debate, a judge will likely review the petition before deciding whether or not to grant the child’s wishes.

Important Child Support Guidelines in Montgomery County You Need to Know

In Maryland, parents can have a rough idea of how much child support they might be required to pay per state laws. Generally, the child support a parent owes depends on their income.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you earn $10,000 a month, and your former spouse earns $6,000 over the same pay period. In that case, you may be required to pay 60% of the child support, and your former spouse pays the remaining 40%.

It is also important to note that the amount a parent may be required to pay as child support also depends on whether they are making other payments such as alimony.

Since child support payments vary depending on various factors, Maryland’s Department of Human Services has an online child support calculator tool parents can use to estimate how much they may be required to pay as child support.

Maryland Child Support Guidelines Deviations

As discussed earlier, child support orders are not written on stone. The court reserves the right to make necessary adjustments and considerations if the need arises. For example, if one parent pays the mortgage for the other parent even after divorce or separation, the court might consider this factor when determining child support.

As a result, the court might award an amount that does not reflect the state’s child support guidelines.

The same also applies if one parent, usually the one paying support, also has children from another relationship.

How a Child Support Attorney From Divorce With a Plan Can Help You

There is no doubt that child support is a sensitive topic during a divorce or separation. Whether you and your spouse have an agreement or not, hiring an experienced child support attorney can significantly impact your case.

That’s where Divorce With a Plan comes in.

When it comes to child support cases, you will hear the term ‘child’s best interest’ countless times. This term is a constant reminder that any decision you and your ex make regarding your child(ren) should be centered around their best interests.

For this reason, you need an attorney who understands what it takes to fight for a child’s best interest. Specifically, you need a child support lawyer who knows what these interests are and how to protect them when filing for child support.

That is exactly what you get when you hire an attorney from our family law firm.

To put things into perspective, our founder Josephia Rouse, Esq., is an experienced family law mediator and Best Interest Attorney. A Best Interest Attorney is the kind of attorney who represents children in court cases. Such an attorney knows and understands the plight of children during divorce or separation.

She’s joined by our equally-competent senior attorney, Ashley D. Edwards, Esq., boasting over eleven years of experience in family law litigation.

At Divorce With a Plan, we can help you develop a plan to protect your child’s best interests after divorce or separation from your spouse. Our intention is to provide resolutions to familial problems while also ensuring that the family stays whole even after divorce or separation.

We are not the kind of law firm that fights just for the sake of it. Similarly, we do not negotiate just to have a case settled and move on to the next. Rather, we believe that when it comes to child support cases, true victory is when the child’s needs are met both at that particular moment and in the long term.

That said, there comes a time when certain familial issues cannot be resolved without a fight. And that is something we are prepared to do to protect the rights and interests of your child(ren) during a separation or divorce.

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