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About Divorce With a Plan

At Divorce With a Plan, we are different. And not because we say so, but because we constantly show it.

Our Values

We are not just one of those law firms that fight just to fight or settle just to end the case and move on to the next. Rather, we care about our client’s best interests, which we strive to achieve in every case we handle.

We have a team of experienced family law attorneys who know and understand when it is time to settle and when it is time to fight. We know that each case we handle requires a unique, client-centered approach. For this reason, we strongly believe in engaging our clients throughout the process.

As a law firm, effective communication with our clients is a huge part of what we do. We know how frustrating it is to work with an attorney or law firm that just does not bother to communicate or act like they are doing you a favor when they respond to your calls, emails, or text messages.

Rather, we strongly believe that communication is just part of the bigger equation. And we just do not communicate for the sake of it – we believe in providing a realistic analysis of each case, no matter the circumstance.

Doing so helps us prepare for different scenarios and also predict possible outcomes.

Led by a team of experienced and passionate attorneys and supported by paralegals and dedicated assistants, our law firm strives to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our Beliefs

One of the most important secrets to success in life is to believe in something and also protect that belief. At Divorce With a Plan, we share these four beliefs:


We do not overpromise and underdeliver. Rather, our law firm believes in clarity from the get-go. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your case with you, including possible outcomes. This gives you realistic expectations.


There is no one-fit-all solution to family law cases. That is why we believe in analyzing each case to obtain the facts and create a plan that actually works.


As a law firm, we believe that every detail counts. We have seen judges make decisions based on minor details that incompetent attorneys often overlook. But that is not something you should be worried about when you work with us.


Family law cases are full of twists and turns. One simple detail could change the course of the case, and that is why we believe in contemplation before taking action. We know when it is time to settle or fight.

That makes us different; we think through things thoroughly before deciding which direction to take. And, your best interests inspire every thought and decision we make.


Located in Maryland, we serve clients in Howard, Montgomery, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and Prince George counties. And if you live anywhere else in Maryland, we can still help. All you need to do is schedule a consultation with us.